Ben Stellino

Ever since I can remember I have held a camera in my hand! My life-long passion and unique ability has been photographing candid moments– capturing that loving glance of a mother watching her child at play, or people simply enjoying a dinner party. Documenting every-day life  is the gateway to  appreciating and cherishing life-long memories.

Ben Stellino

Photography services

Engage Ben to photograph your next occasion to capture what most will not remember.

Art cards

The art cards are 4”X6” photographs mounted on textured card stock, blank inside.

My Legacy Portrait

My Legacy Portrait allows you to casually tell your story in your words.

Celebration of life

Showcase one’s legacy by creating a photo-journey highlighting precious life moments to honour their lives.

Words are my thing

There is always an occasion that one would like to dedicate a poem as a tribute to someone special.

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Ben Stellino

Ben Stellino
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